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URBAN CAMPUS & CORE is a real estate development and advisory firm dedicated to collaborative development to optimize underutilized assets while driving equitable economic growth.
We are a woman and minority-owned firm with over 20 years of development experience. Our team of professionals brings a unique depth of experience from their educational, corporate, and entrepreneurial endeavors.
We have overseen the development of over 62M square feet of sustainable real estate projects and raised over $1.2B in debt and equity for project partners.
From strategic repositioning to innovative property solutions, we identify industry-leading development opportunities for investors and collaborative partners including universities, federal and state agencies, municipalities, land trusts, and private entities.
We strategically combine elements of sustainability, community engagement, and economic development in each of our projects to ensure we leave lasting positive impacts on communities.



Transforming under-resourced communities through sustainable real estate development.

As a firm we strategically design development projects and real estate solutions that connect missing resources with community needs. Thereby providing vehicles for socially conscious investment, while transforming the way communities grow.



At our core, we are passionate about socially responsible development that leverages the built environment to alleviate environmental, social, economic, and health disparities. We work alongside like-minded partners to create places that leave a lasting positive impact on communities. We value people, the life source of communities.


Jennifer Horne, CEO | Managing Partner

Jennifer Horne is the founder of Urban Campus & Core and is supported by a team of experts, industry leaders, and strategic partners in development, asset management, and environmental, social, and governance solutions.
As an industry veteran and executive with international real estate firm Lendlease for 12 years, she led development and sustainability teams to achieve successful project outcomes in world-class developments, master-planned communities, and public-private partnerships.
As a Nashville native and graduate of Vanderbilt University, Horne has deep roots in the community and has a vested interest in creating inclusive and sustainable growth.

"Our focus is community partnerships. We truly seek partnerships that empower existing members of the community to be a part of market growth and share in the successful outcomes of the projects we develop."
                                                                            - Jennifer Horne, CEO
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