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At Urban Campus and Core, we leverage in-depth knowledge and experience in real estate development, management, and construction to structure, develop, and manage world-class projects for our clients and partners.  

By combining innovative strategies with industry-leading best practices, we maximize project outcomes.

Rendering of a multifamily development with park-like space

Mixed-Use Development

We create mixed-use, mixed-income development projects that are responsive to community needs. From start to finish, we provide industry-leading collaborative management to ensure our vision for impact-focused development. With a holistic approach, we cultivate collaborative opportunities for nontraditional partners to benefit from a project’s positive economic returns. 

Consulting and Real Estate Advisory Services

We offer real estate consulting and advisory services to help clients maximize the value of their portfolio. Our strategic consulting services provide support for evaluating complex business needs and evolving opportunities. We are dedicated to creating a unique solution to help you achieve your project's investment targets.

Corporate team reviewing post-its on a board
Corporate group photo around a table

Community Engagement

Our passion is delivering projects that connect with all community members in an inclusive and mutually beneficial way. We offer a range of services to help partners exceed diversity and inclusion targets, sustainability goals, and socially responsible development. We nurture projects rooted in community-driven development. 

Let us help you unlock the value of your real estate assets.

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